Thursday, December 03, 2009

Gathering with NS's friends

long time din post my blog, bz? lazy? o just always think to play??
3 of them also are my reason y i din post my blog...

2day, 3-12-2009, full of memory,
firstly, i wanna wish my bro HAPPY BIRTHDAY, n we promise celebrate his birthday when i bek hometown,
secondly, is because i meet back my NS friends in FB n had a gathering at Tanjung Tualang.
seriously, we already din meet up for 4 yrs, but when we meet, we still so talkative, although just we 4 ppl, but also very happy, less shing yong n carmen.

we go a seafood restaurant to having our lunch with seafood:
a sweet sour crab
steam fish

oat prawnme, sook kheng, mei yime, sai hoe, mei yi

for second round, we go to a stall which sell ice kacang to continue our funny chatting :
ice kacang with sarsi

man tou long with coconut milksook kheng, mei yi, sai hoesook kheng, me, sai hoe

a happy gathering end at 4pm because i stil having my class at 5pm, just dismissed early n hope can gather with other. Nice to meet u all again, keep in touch!!
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