Tuesday, October 27, 2009


My Y1S2, i choose TAMIL is my language subject. Y? Because Japanese class full already. No choice! But my lecture has a good advice to us. He said, u learn tamil can use everyday in Malaysia, if u learn japanese, u need go to japan juz can use it, so tamil is useful for u. Not bad, a good reason. can accept!

Act, tamil also is a good n funny subject for me. Juz the lecture like too arrogant, no like it.

Let me show wat i learn in tamil ,

Vanakkam ( Sejahtera )
Eppadi Irukkiraai? ( How r u )
Naan Nalamaaga Irukkireen ( I m fine )
Un Peyar Enna? ( Wat ur name )
Un Vayathu Enna? ( How old r u )

N many many....Intersting subject

Westlake Carnival - treasure hunt

Since the life so bored, re-open n re-write my blog..hehe

At the 1st week for my Y1S2, we 107's team join the westlake carnival's treasure hunt. Early morning, we fully prepare....

Our target is to win the game n get RM300. All the station games we pass it with our cooperation we also get into the top 10 with the highest mark for the next round, hunting game!

Lastly, we did not won at the final because of MC give the final clue to other team. So, make us just lose it. But, still happy.

Base the theme for this carnival, love our environment, cant let the global temperature increase again with 8"C more. If not, wat happen in the movie 2012 will happen.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


I closing my blog start from nw...
thx u all...
c u
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