Saturday, September 26, 2009

needed a well rest

Finally finish n pass my suffer day by day within 3 weeks..
Economic, QT, Law, Accounting, and Marketing,
their status are my one night stand's lover,
Now, it is over n now how their face look oso cant imagine it already,
Juz remember the time having fun, entertainment, n a nice weather let me sleep til auto wake up.
Can i start the time now?

Conclusion for my final:
me no enough sleep for the exam week especially last 3 days for straight 3 subject which i feel most hard in my sem 1,
cannot do last min work, this is my opinion for my accounting, wat the hell suspense acc n bad debt make me suffer suffer suffer n suffer,
too stress for my life, no well in my sleeping n feel somebody call me when i sleep to remind me remember this n that for my exam,
what the hell,
like a ghost inside my mind.
feel unwell for my all body machine, feel like all spoil because of me..
late sleep, eat supper, late bath n so on so on...
i wan eat nice n healthy food to cover back my "spoilage".

I feel i very good in explanation, but say in rude mean ''LK'' (lan ku)
my all paper question in exam all in explain explain n sometime me also dun know wat i say
for some ppl,
dun know do will blank it,
but, for me,
i juz write write n write like write down my experience,
where got so much experience,

sked wat??
i juz sked cant get the mark because dun hv any keyword.
Gosh, help me get mark!!

~ a well rest needed for me now ~

Friday, September 18, 2009

3 more

Already finished 2 subjects.. now still leave 3 more...
3 more continually for straight 3 days
Just can say Fighting~~Fighting~~

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Noob System Registration Course

Start from today,8am is our FBF registration course day, mean that u can choose timetable urself for next sem's class. Everybody wake early n waiting the time to register ti choose good class.

I already wake so early n on9 but the system still close, no choice juz wait!! Until my friend call me n ask me already register, i juz know can log in alr but y my laptop din come out everything. Repeat, repeat n repeat so many times, finally juz can log in.

Wat the hell, all class already full especially Japanese class. How fair to us wor?juz because ur line lag o server is busy??damm angry at that time, the time change n change also cant match my other class's timetable. So trouble!! Now is not MY CHOICE, is NO CHOICE, wan to choose bahasa tamil!! It sure give people complain till it cry.

Finally finish my final timetable with discussing with friend n grab the class asap.The scene u can image like go market grab vegetable like a aunty early morning. Who we as in school?? if dun have us u also cant get salary..noob...

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sunday, September 06, 2009


Many things happened beside me this 2 weeks. Firstly, accident happened when i fetch by kev by motor. Really so bad luck for both of us, no move when riding but also knocked by a stupid malay ladies's motor. Shit her, ride too fast make my body having alot of hurt. But, kev more serious. But this already pass, no mood think it.

Second, exam is coming n me still not yet start study for any subject. Is it i wait to fail? i oso dun know wat happened for me again. Last sem in this time i already start nervous n start study but now touch oso lazy to touch. Please, dun wan so lazy, always think n tel myself, USELESS.

Third, my grandpa's health become more serious and this time he will leave us to go. But, i got exam n need to prepare cant go Butterworth visit him. My heart uncomfortable, wanna go but stil not yet prepare, dun wan go i scare he cant tahan. God, please give my grandpa some time, i hope can go there at this saturday, i planning now, so wan fast fast prepare my all preparation for my final. Grandpa, u wan be strong.

Charles said: no more entertaiment for this study week n if can better take the time for study n make the lfe without any entertainment. Better study for 10 more hours a days for this final week for exam. God, after think also scary!

Just hope all te best in my life n this will enough for me already! start to learn dun wan be so greedy.
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