Thursday, July 16, 2009

touching song

my 21st birthday

I just past my 21st birthday..
Feel no good cz look like old alr..

Tat day, no really so meriah for my celebration if compare to last year..haha
is it me so greedy?? got ppl celebrate with u is ok alr la, still wan say many many n complain many many..

At 14 July 2009, go to secret receipt with kev having our dinner with chess cake, n some delicious meals..

Chess choc cake

hot chocolate

grilled mushroom chicken

chicken kerpa
with my birthday cake

After that, we go gsc, ipoh parade watched Ice Age 3, so funny!! But, whole cinema just we are chinese, all is malay!!

15 July 2009, really thanks my housemates n their fren, celebrate at a restaurant n make noisy almost wanna boom the building, but the tauke gift many things to us, chicken soup and waffle..really thx..
N tat time is my 1st time taste a cake with durian favor, haha, really so nice, because they know i like eat durian..hehe...

durian favor cake

thx all of u

cake n me

In end, i also thx my hometoen n UTAR fren sms o msn o send msg in facebook to wish me. Urs all wishes will make my life become brighten..thx...

N i hope myself become mature abit, n can keep good result in degree life.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

New look

How about my blog's new look?? Still can??

But, now i just think want to recreate the template for the blog is a hard work.
Firstly, want slowly search the best n nice template. After copy the code, a blog look is new n best. But the hard thing , want to add back the all gadget n also wan add back the friend's blog list!!

Hope i dun wan change my mind again to change the template again!!

Monday, July 06, 2009

busy n lazy life

Last week, start my mid term week already, this within 3 weeks! Cant bek hometown 3 weeks. All of this mid term on sat n sun!! Hw bek??

But, luckily. yesterday, my whole family come to kampar visit me n we dinner grandma n sister also got come..touching..

Now, really want start prepare all the mid term test n my assig alr..seems the time passing so fast.. But, i look so free n so lazy, decided a thing wan to do but at tat time i will think a reason to cover it n dun wan to do..y like tat??

N me now become more fat again...GOD!! Help!!! keep fit, frenz...did u all know wat solution can fast to keep fit??? Tell me...
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