Thursday, December 03, 2009

Gathering with NS's friends

long time din post my blog, bz? lazy? o just always think to play??
3 of them also are my reason y i din post my blog...

2day, 3-12-2009, full of memory,
firstly, i wanna wish my bro HAPPY BIRTHDAY, n we promise celebrate his birthday when i bek hometown,
secondly, is because i meet back my NS friends in FB n had a gathering at Tanjung Tualang.
seriously, we already din meet up for 4 yrs, but when we meet, we still so talkative, although just we 4 ppl, but also very happy, less shing yong n carmen.

we go a seafood restaurant to having our lunch with seafood:
a sweet sour crab
steam fish

oat prawnme, sook kheng, mei yime, sai hoe, mei yi

for second round, we go to a stall which sell ice kacang to continue our funny chatting :
ice kacang with sarsi

man tou long with coconut milksook kheng, mei yi, sai hoesook kheng, me, sai hoe

a happy gathering end at 4pm because i stil having my class at 5pm, just dismissed early n hope can gather with other. Nice to meet u all again, keep in touch!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

enter to the memory

This 2 days, chat with Oscar about the memory when we at childhood. Alot of memory in brain suddenly build up... quite nice the memory...Play any games n eat any food in childhood we still remember...

Besides that, i also refresh back my all album from i start use digital...alot picture so funny n let me think bek many things when i was young n at school days...

One pic that let me more miss so much,
my grandpa which just pass away 1 more months ago... hope he happy at there

He smile so happy but this year he cant pass his birthday...sing a song here to u..


Must remember u always...muacks...

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Grey's November

Nov nt yt post any blog...
Nov...a sad month...
about waterfall, about 3, about kev's classmate....
all the sad case make my mood so down at the beginning of Nov..
All RIP, all video, juz make me feel so sad n my mood sudden become bad,
although they nt my friends, but when u think when they try to survive in water, the feel...
hard to explain...n newspapers about their news, their parents and their friends...
many n many........

*********************** speechless **************************
the feel inside the heart, really hard to explain it..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


My Y1S2, i choose TAMIL is my language subject. Y? Because Japanese class full already. No choice! But my lecture has a good advice to us. He said, u learn tamil can use everyday in Malaysia, if u learn japanese, u need go to japan juz can use it, so tamil is useful for u. Not bad, a good reason. can accept!

Act, tamil also is a good n funny subject for me. Juz the lecture like too arrogant, no like it.

Let me show wat i learn in tamil ,

Vanakkam ( Sejahtera )
Eppadi Irukkiraai? ( How r u )
Naan Nalamaaga Irukkireen ( I m fine )
Un Peyar Enna? ( Wat ur name )
Un Vayathu Enna? ( How old r u )

N many many....Intersting subject

Westlake Carnival - treasure hunt

Since the life so bored, re-open n re-write my blog..hehe

At the 1st week for my Y1S2, we 107's team join the westlake carnival's treasure hunt. Early morning, we fully prepare....

Our target is to win the game n get RM300. All the station games we pass it with our cooperation we also get into the top 10 with the highest mark for the next round, hunting game!

Lastly, we did not won at the final because of MC give the final clue to other team. So, make us just lose it. But, still happy.

Base the theme for this carnival, love our environment, cant let the global temperature increase again with 8"C more. If not, wat happen in the movie 2012 will happen.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


I closing my blog start from nw...
thx u all...
c u

Saturday, September 26, 2009

needed a well rest

Finally finish n pass my suffer day by day within 3 weeks..
Economic, QT, Law, Accounting, and Marketing,
their status are my one night stand's lover,
Now, it is over n now how their face look oso cant imagine it already,
Juz remember the time having fun, entertainment, n a nice weather let me sleep til auto wake up.
Can i start the time now?

Conclusion for my final:
me no enough sleep for the exam week especially last 3 days for straight 3 subject which i feel most hard in my sem 1,
cannot do last min work, this is my opinion for my accounting, wat the hell suspense acc n bad debt make me suffer suffer suffer n suffer,
too stress for my life, no well in my sleeping n feel somebody call me when i sleep to remind me remember this n that for my exam,
what the hell,
like a ghost inside my mind.
feel unwell for my all body machine, feel like all spoil because of me..
late sleep, eat supper, late bath n so on so on...
i wan eat nice n healthy food to cover back my "spoilage".

I feel i very good in explanation, but say in rude mean ''LK'' (lan ku)
my all paper question in exam all in explain explain n sometime me also dun know wat i say
for some ppl,
dun know do will blank it,
but, for me,
i juz write write n write like write down my experience,
where got so much experience,

sked wat??
i juz sked cant get the mark because dun hv any keyword.
Gosh, help me get mark!!

~ a well rest needed for me now ~

Friday, September 18, 2009

3 more

Already finished 2 subjects.. now still leave 3 more...
3 more continually for straight 3 days
Just can say Fighting~~Fighting~~

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Noob System Registration Course

Start from today,8am is our FBF registration course day, mean that u can choose timetable urself for next sem's class. Everybody wake early n waiting the time to register ti choose good class.

I already wake so early n on9 but the system still close, no choice juz wait!! Until my friend call me n ask me already register, i juz know can log in alr but y my laptop din come out everything. Repeat, repeat n repeat so many times, finally juz can log in.

Wat the hell, all class already full especially Japanese class. How fair to us wor?juz because ur line lag o server is busy??damm angry at that time, the time change n change also cant match my other class's timetable. So trouble!! Now is not MY CHOICE, is NO CHOICE, wan to choose bahasa tamil!! It sure give people complain till it cry.

Finally finish my final timetable with discussing with friend n grab the class asap.The scene u can image like go market grab vegetable like a aunty early morning. Who we as in school?? if dun have us u also cant get salary..noob...

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sunday, September 06, 2009


Many things happened beside me this 2 weeks. Firstly, accident happened when i fetch by kev by motor. Really so bad luck for both of us, no move when riding but also knocked by a stupid malay ladies's motor. Shit her, ride too fast make my body having alot of hurt. But, kev more serious. But this already pass, no mood think it.

Second, exam is coming n me still not yet start study for any subject. Is it i wait to fail? i oso dun know wat happened for me again. Last sem in this time i already start nervous n start study but now touch oso lazy to touch. Please, dun wan so lazy, always think n tel myself, USELESS.

Third, my grandpa's health become more serious and this time he will leave us to go. But, i got exam n need to prepare cant go Butterworth visit him. My heart uncomfortable, wanna go but stil not yet prepare, dun wan go i scare he cant tahan. God, please give my grandpa some time, i hope can go there at this saturday, i planning now, so wan fast fast prepare my all preparation for my final. Grandpa, u wan be strong.

Charles said: no more entertaiment for this study week n if can better take the time for study n make the lfe without any entertainment. Better study for 10 more hours a days for this final week for exam. God, after think also scary!

Just hope all te best in my life n this will enough for me already! start to learn dun wan be so greedy.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

从新爱上华语 ^^


我的assig 和 midterm 终于结束了。压力的日子也恢复正常。但是九月就是我的final考试。真的不能休息太久,马上就要开始准备了。Degree生活对来讲真的有点困难,第一生字太深,第二老师不知在说什么! 环境不好,如何能上课,不是太闷就是老师自己讲自己爽!!


今天,才知道kampar,UTAR, 有人中H1N1,一个course已经关了。真的怕呢,会不会下次整个学校都有,puik,乌鸦嘴!!希望不要!!我才不要学校关闭,如果是这样的话,我们的假期就少了!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

touching song

my 21st birthday

I just past my 21st birthday..
Feel no good cz look like old alr..

Tat day, no really so meriah for my celebration if compare to last year..haha
is it me so greedy?? got ppl celebrate with u is ok alr la, still wan say many many n complain many many..

At 14 July 2009, go to secret receipt with kev having our dinner with chess cake, n some delicious meals..

Chess choc cake

hot chocolate

grilled mushroom chicken

chicken kerpa
with my birthday cake

After that, we go gsc, ipoh parade watched Ice Age 3, so funny!! But, whole cinema just we are chinese, all is malay!!

15 July 2009, really thanks my housemates n their fren, celebrate at a restaurant n make noisy almost wanna boom the building, but the tauke gift many things to us, chicken soup and waffle..really thx..
N tat time is my 1st time taste a cake with durian favor, haha, really so nice, because they know i like eat durian..hehe...

durian favor cake

thx all of u

cake n me

In end, i also thx my hometoen n UTAR fren sms o msn o send msg in facebook to wish me. Urs all wishes will make my life become brighten..thx...

N i hope myself become mature abit, n can keep good result in degree life.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

New look

How about my blog's new look?? Still can??

But, now i just think want to recreate the template for the blog is a hard work.
Firstly, want slowly search the best n nice template. After copy the code, a blog look is new n best. But the hard thing , want to add back the all gadget n also wan add back the friend's blog list!!

Hope i dun wan change my mind again to change the template again!!

Monday, July 06, 2009

busy n lazy life

Last week, start my mid term week already, this within 3 weeks! Cant bek hometown 3 weeks. All of this mid term on sat n sun!! Hw bek??

But, luckily. yesterday, my whole family come to kampar visit me n we dinner grandma n sister also got come..touching..

Now, really want start prepare all the mid term test n my assig alr..seems the time passing so fast.. But, i look so free n so lazy, decided a thing wan to do but at tat time i will think a reason to cover it n dun wan to do..y like tat??

N me now become more fat again...GOD!! Help!!! keep fit, frenz...did u all know wat solution can fast to keep fit??? Tell me...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Durian....I love u...

Long time dint eat durian already, i think got 2 more years already.

It is because my parents dun give us eat durian because will sore throat and last year when moment durian, i was sick!! So, tat y i din eat long long time ago....

This weekend, my dad's friends give him 4 durians, and tat all durian all eaten by me!! Haha... my family members dun wan eat n touch also dun wan to touch it... y durian so scary??

That durian really nice, also can think back the taste in my dream...

Durian Durian, i love u...

Thursday, June 04, 2009

New Sem in UTAR

Long time din upload my latest news in here already, miss me or not?? haha...just kidding...

I start my new sem in my Uni life again,,finally i start study my degree already, can borrow money from ptptn!! Haha.. Actually, degree life may be so stress than foundation, want get good result, want choose right teammate for assigments, want choose a good class rep to handle our class problem! It's all must be want right, if not will trouble us for the degree life for 3 years!!

And this sem, me so unluckily, me dun have car sticker which mean i dun have place park my car and mean me cannot use my car be my transport to school already!! damm... no choice.. my luck no good recently...

My classmate i think is ok, but got abit boring even me also less to talk so i think start now i want talk more in class to make my class 'meriah sikit', if not...boring till 3 years, a good people also will become old people already!!

New sem new wish and hope, i hope i can at least stay at second upper class, mean above CGPA 3.0!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Suet Hoon's wedding

30 MAy 2009, is my friend - Suet Hoon and Eric's wedding dinner day. So touch, so young already want marry..haha..and want transfer to Australia too. Abit jealous!!

me and Suet Hoon

me and Choon Meng

Chee Guan, me, Choon Meng and Cheng Hoon

Boon Peow, Mun Hoe, me

F5 gang

Qing Jun, me, Wan Sin

Just upload some picture to share my friend happy moment in her life..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

25 - 5 - 2009 ...Start my Keep Fit Day

Recently, I become fat and fat, now my weight already 47kg, before 1 year i just 38kg and up to 40kg, up to 45 and now become 47kg already...

Normally, when my friends or my relatives say about me become fat, I always will say CAN EAT IS LUCK, so just eat just eat only.. Actually me also din eat so much, 1 day 3 meals and sometime got supper! I think eat outsider food many sugar and MSG make my body fat and fat..

Make me sad not this only, it is because yesterday night got a dinner, and lastly i cant wear any my dinner clothes already, all too small and cant into my body...OMG, this really make me so sad.

So, at that day i already decided want start my keep fit days...

Cant eat ant meat just eat vegetable,
Cant eat too much sugar thing,
Drink more water,
50 times for sit up one days,
Take 500ml water to exercise my hand,
Eat one normal meal mean eat a small rice and just eat vegetable.,
Drink low fat milk and bijirin,
And one day wan find a friend to chat my problem(want make own happy).

This is what i want to do in one days.

Please support me..especially U!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Long time's song, sudden find out n listen back,
In this mv, saw alot of artists which not at artist's circle already, like energy, tension, machi, BAD and alot and alot...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Friends is it Important for YOU?

Aiks... Still got 2 weeks like that just start my new sem, but i already feel so boring at house!!
Who can make my life become more colurful in this break???

My friends....
All like no contact and like forget each other,
I always think is it that problem make me losing my friend??
But, I already choose,
And i think friends cant follow you until forever.
Just family and your lover can be with you til forever.
So, Just you can choose the best lover, is enough for your life.

Some just use you for a while when they need you,
This is normal, for anyone, you will use people and also will let your friend use you,
this is same cycle in anyone,
you can swear you no use people in your life now??
In my mind, I got use people before, and
in my friend, also got friend using me when they need something,
so what can i say??

Cant so friend with them, although you say this is my best friend,
Mouth just use to say, no need do anything, if cant done it, no need fine.
Before, a girl also say u is my best friend, any problem just tell me n will help me settle,
but lastly also gaduh and finally no any contact,
although now we ok already,
but still not yet try face to face say HI.

Maybe some of you think friendship very important in your life, I agree but depend of luck, see you can find a friend really use their heart be friend with you.. Some of my friends, really know how to use me, when they need something they don't have, they will quick quick call you. Haiz, if got a friend like that better don't want it.

So, I will study hard in my studies and take a good result to show I be fine with my studies. Friends no need become so friend with each other. We just need to say HI or sometime yamcha or we can help if they really got problem and no need say so much about your privacy to them. Friends for me just at 4th place in my heart list!

1 ) Family
2 ) Studies or work
3 ) My lover
4 ) Friends

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

Surdiman Cup

In this sem breaking, I finally can seriously watch a nice badminton game. Last 2 days, I watch the match which Malaysia vs Denmark. That was a nice match, between Lee Chong Wei, Koo Kiet Kiat & Tan Boon Heong and Wong Meow Choo. Malaysia won Denmark by the score 3 - 2.

Lee Chong Wei beat Denmark player Jorgensen
with a 21-11, 21-18 win.

Meow Choo beat Nanna Brosolat Jensen at 21-8, 21-11.

beat veterans Lars Paaske-Jonas Rasmussen 21-9, 21-14

Today are games for semi final for Surdiman Cup, Korea vs Indonesia. This is interesting match too although tonight have a nervous game Malaysia vs China!

At the 1st session game against Korea vs Indonesia! And using 3 hours and 50 min, Korea finally won by the score 3 - 1. This all is my idol - Lee Yong Dae play it...He won the mix double with his partner and won again with his partner at men's double!! So proud of him...

With his partner at mix double

With his partner at men double

At the session 2 for semi final game, Malaysia vs China, and unlucky Malaysia lose by 0 - 3 for China. Although they lose already, but i think they already try their best already. I still no accept the attitude of China, they so 'Chuan' already, i hate it! Especially Lee Yong Bo! And in this session I sudden noticed that Koo Kiet Kiat show his fucking finger when he cant attack back the ball. This I watch it in slow motion view when at second game. power!!

So, tomorrow is final game for this Surdiman Cup against Korea and China. I sure support Korea and also support my idol..Lee Yong Dae!! Haha...Play well Korea team's players ! Hero of Korea team, Lee Yong Dae, gambahteh!

In the end of Surdiman cup, Korea also can won the super team, China! They just get second prize. Is it nobody can beat down China player already?? But, today my hero already done his best already...Lee Yong Dae, always support you.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finally at My Lovely Home

I now at my lovely home already and finally can enjoy my 3 more week’s holiday. But, no activity and make me feel boring at home, just can watch drama and so on.

Miss anything at Kampar, miss the freedom at there, miss my friends, miss mamak at there, and also miss someone! Haha.. so hard to be a good people, when holiday you will say miss anything at school, but when you in school days you will say miss my lovely home so much…haha..maybe this is the hardest when you become a people!

Don’t wanna close my eyes,
I don’t wanna fall asleep,
Cause I miss you, baby
And I don’t wanna miss a thing.

So, don’t know this holiday can enjoy it or not? Hope can met my friends which long time no meet and make many of gathering. Let me become busy, please!! Yan Kok Loong, after read this, please become your post back, Programmer and Organiser, also can say Pengerusi!! Without you, no one will become this post already!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Weather damm HOT

This few day's weather hot plus hot become very hot recently...

Sleep also cant sleep, and all body is sweat and make me easy keep angry.. With this weather, haiz..make me become old because some scientist say always keep angry will make a woman become ugly n also become fast old!! Damm shit, i still not yet marry i dun want fast become old woman!!

Actually, cannot say the god or sky wrong, it is because human being's result and make the temperature become hot and hot...OMG, please dun use so much air condition and some action which will make the temperature become hot!! U all want kesian some people which dun have air condition n any cooler in their hostel and their house...The house n the room become warm n how they can study, work, rest?? Please save the earth...

Just listen MY FM, DJ Jack Lim said, this global warming will delay till September n before they say only until June only. Now already delay 3 more months, if the case become more serious again, i think after September, the weather still become hot and will make people die like mati katak!

And a news, a girl who learn driving, when her driving trainer send his all students back to home after the training, n the driving trainer haven't noticed he still got a student which is the girl still waiting n sleeping in his car, when the driving trainer noticed it, the girl already die become the car too warm n steam until she die in the car without any helping. So, this news advised that us dun want let anyone stay at the car without any air cond n open the window, because this global warming, it will make people loss their live.

* Save the earth n save the people who in suffer because the weather too hot
* Remember drink more water n eat more healthy food
* Take care your health well

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sem Break & Goodbye my Foundation life

i start my sem break holidays now for 3 more weeks! Actually 3 weeks for me is no enough, why?

If say going to work, no people want you because the period too short!

Wanna go trip??also cannot, no friends because this holiday no same holiday with some friends so cant go together!

So, this holiday just stay at home and become a good gal accompany my family especially my mum lo..haha

Use too much energy for my final paper already because i want to get above 3.0 for my CGPA..hope can get it n wanna do it and show to them which look down me before!

But, this is my last sem n my last sem break for my foundation life, 1year already, so fast for the time passing! and we become older n older n clever n clever! Fast for the ending of the sem and i want say goodbye to my foundation friends! And for the sem coming, we all already not at same course and also same class! But, hope we will keep in touch with each other.

Within this 1 year, many things were happened n we also change and change at the time pass n pass! For me, me become more fat n fat and lazy n lazy!

this is me when sem 1 for foundation
(n Kui Sing)

is me when sem 2 for foundation (starting fat)

is me when sem 3 foundation

So, in conclusion can u all know whyi say changing n changing in this 1 year? because my body size become changing and changing!!

TA17, is my foundation class, and my all lovely friends in this class! Hope our friendship wont die n lost in this world! All the best n keep in touch, my all lovely TA17's classmate....

Member of TA17

* Good luck to u all *

Touching Song

Although this song quite old,but recently i suddenly find it out n start love it already.U all try to enjoy it and understand the lyrics too..touching

Nice To Meet U All new blog here..

this is my new blog..why say this is new because my last blog 4get the password already..haha..
and now i decide to create a new here n hope will remember all the detail about this blog..

this blog just hope to introduce myself and try to blog a new post only...

my name is Chan Sook Yen... also can call me " lok lok" because i like to eat lok lok before...haha..why say before because kampar's pasar malam i like to go because the lok lok only but now seldom go and a bit scare for eating it le..

i will try my best blogging if i remember and my friend...hope u all can know more about me and my latest news at here..

Keep in Touch!!

is me in this pic...hehe...fat n short's gal
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