Thursday, December 16, 2010

my second house

1239 this number not my car plat, not my house number,
it is my friends which stay at westlake's house number,
i alr be their house member, why??
it is because me whole study week also overnight at there,
there can be say is my heaven,
can play with them, chat with them,and watch movie with them,

in this house, i have my parents alr, wah n ling, they are my dad n mum,
n one nai ma which provide me fresh milk,
v r happy family...

in this house, we watch movie and let them c me crying juz because the movie sad story line,
and cry in front them when i miss my titi n stress for my exam,
v r happy family....

in this house, we watch movie 2gather and learn the dialog from movie,
Butt~~~~~~ i make a rocket, aaa....
v really are happy family..

sem break coming soon, n my dad will go kl intern,
plus my 'dear' come bek to study,
i really sked dun have time with them,
having fun with them,
since i come here alr is a normal day, last week when i din come i feel unhappy n moody,
tat mean i really miss them n alr biasa stay with them le,
love u all, 1239,
my second house!!!!!!!

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