Friday, July 08, 2011

I m Back !

Firstly, i already 6 months din update my blog, it is a long period for me, this 6 months alot of change and alot of improvement. Now, i m a student for Year 3, a last year student, but it is no proud, cz some of my friend alr successfully graduated. It is so shy to say: i m last year student and nw i alr 23 years old. Gosh, cant imagine i alr 23 year old. But, it is happy to heard fr one of my friend say that, ur action, attitude , face , and HEIGHT also no match ur age. SHOULD i happy o be sad to heard that, happy mean i still YOUNG, sad mean i so CHILDISH.

Third year student really not a joking thing, it is so much thing to do and some more have go to industrial training for my next sem. FYP is following up and alot of assignment and mid term, actually look like busy, but i still on my relax n lazy mode, neither sleep nor watching drama. This is my LIFE. Maybe i need to make own be more stressful and nervous to face everyday.

23 years old, not a young year, if luckily also alr as a mother, it is countless future waiting me, graduate already 24 years old, wat i wan to step after graduate, i also dun know and also dun wan to think it. It is unknown and far for me. But, should i think it first, JUST leave 1 year only, not far alr??

In this 6 months, really many things change, review my old memory, i really like the life when i m Form 6, just few day before, i memory back my form 6 life and it is so great and i really miss it so much compare than now.. But, time wont stop for us, time pass n pass, become old n old, me also become more sensitive, sudden can emo sudden can crazy, sudden can be happy n sudden can sad. Is it this is the right situation when a person getting old ?

Dun think it 1st, fulfill one day just think tomorrow, wan stay most happy and enjoy for today just think tomorrow. I will try make my day become more meaningful than my pass.

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